The Story of Us

Academy & Apothecary was an idea I have had for years and years. I have always enjoyed working on resumes ever since I worked for a recruiter during my undergraduate course work. I really love formatting. I recognize it's a geeky thing to love, but I LOVE it. I love the aesthetic spacing and styling of a resume. Yes, resumes can have style! 

While in pharmacy school, I would offer to assist my colleagues with resumes and their CV's, and of course, we were poor, so no money was exchanged. Well, fast-forward, and I still enjoy it, and after friends and colleagues kept telling me that I should get paid for this, I figured it was time. What really pushed me over the edge was being involved in the Facebook Pharmacist Mom Group of 11,000 (and growing daily) members who were asking almost daily for help with their resumes. 

I knew I needed a partner, so I asked my best friend and first cousin, Stephanie, if she wanted to do this with me. She has a Master's in English Education and is a whiz for all things grammar. She agreed, and Academy & Apothecary was born. We write resumes for pharmacists and educators because those are our areas of expertise. 

The first few things that we found out as a small resume business catering to pharmacists were:

  1. Not all pharmacists are good at resumes. It's not really something they teach in pharmacy school. Resume writing is a special technical form of writing that takes a ton of time to learn and perfect. 
  2. Pharmacists are busy. Writing and constructing a resume takes time. From start to scratch, it would probably take someone 6 hours to make a solid resume with formatting and concise content. Pharmacists work long hours and need someone to help them save precious time so they can get back to what's important- their patients and their family.
  3. There is currently an over supply of pharmacists looking for jobs and a shortage of pharmacy jobs available. Long gone are the days of sign-on bonuses and being recruited for a job as a pharmacist. Pharmacists need to have their resume or CV ready to go when the potential job presents itself. 

I truly love helping pharmacists achieve their goals and potentials. I love teaching, precepting, and showing future pharmacists how they can make their career their very own. I have had some very influential pharmacists in my life inspire me to follow my dreams and aim high. I will do everything I can to repay my profession and give back to current and future pharmacists. I know it's part of my career journey and calling. It's why most of us became pharmacists- to help people. Therefore, I am helping people. It truly makes a huge difference when you believe in yourself and have confidence when applying for a position; we make that happen for pharmacists every week.

Stephanie and I are a rockstar team together. I do the pharmacy writing, content, and formatting; and she does the grammar, punctuation, verb tense agreement, word choice, and what I just like to refer to as "magic." We complement each other well and we are completely dedicated to making an amazing resume that really showcases our client's achievements without any common resume error distractions. 

We love it. 

Ashley Gulyas, PharmD

Founder and Pharmacy Resume Editor