PROJECT OUTLINE: Your professional project will be prepared based on information provided over the Internet and during your phone interview consultation  appointment with your resume writer.

CLIENT PARTICIPATION: The goal of Academy & Apothecary is to provide the best possible resume package for each of our clients. It is the responsibility of the client to supply us with all requested information and to work collaboratively with us to complete a customized package that reflects their individuality and highlights their career assets. Academy & Apothecary strongly encourages active client participation in this process to achieve the best outcome possible.

PROJECT TIMELINE: Unless other individual arrangements are made, a phone consultation will be scheduled as soon as possible within 10 business days of payment in full.  Unless other arrangements are made in writing, draft documents will be provided to client for review within 10 business days after consultation and gathered requested information. First day of counting begins the day after your interview. This timelines not subject to acts of God, mechanical failure, or other occurrences beyond Academy & Apothecary’s control. All revision requests will be satisfied as soon as possible within 3 business days on each revision.

PAYMENT & REFUND POLICIES: Payment in full is required before any work will begin. Full payment is required before any drafts are provided to Client to prevent any pirating of completed work to date. If Client chooses not to work with Academy & Apothecary after initial (Up to 1 Hour) Phone/Skype/Face to Face ‘Resume Building” Consultation Session, client will pay our regular rate of $75.00 for session preparation time and services rendered. Fees thereafter are not refundable once work on project has begun. If the client is not available for a consultation appointment, a service fee of $75 will apply if a refund is issued. Refunds are not available once a draft is delivered to client, although we will work with client to ensure satisfaction is met. Exceptions can be made in writing or email to the owner of Academy & Apothecary and up to owner’s discretion.

PROOFREADING: Clients receive proofreading instructions with project draft copy and are asked to review all material thoroughly for data accuracy and completeness. Academy & Apothecary  is not liable for information obtained from a client that is false or inaccurate. Academy & Apothecary does not research any information given by the client. Clients are advised to check all dates and correct spellings. Academy & Apothecary  is not responsible for omissions made on behalf of Client or incorrect information. If corrections are needed, Clients are asked to forward them via e-mail to their resume writer. Academy & Apothecary liability is limited to completion of work and assumes no liability after resume has been proofread and approved by the client. If a client does not respond to a resume draft within 14 days, your package will be considered complete and void of any further editing obligations.

REVISIONS: Up to four sets of revisions (based on original material provided) are included in the quoted fee. If you wish to make discretionary revisions or more than four sets of revisions, additional writing, rework and/or consultation fees may apply ($15 minimum charge). Revisions made after print date are subject to charge.

NO GUARANTEE:  Academy & Apothecary makes no express or implied guarantees of an interview or employment. This agreement stipulates that you are contracting for writing services only and no other assurances. Your marketing and quality of your interviewing is solely your responsibility. We will help you look good on paper but it is up to you to secure a position with a company.

ELECTRONIC FILES: Academy & Apothecary cannot guarantee the compatibility of computer files with Client systems or that documents will retain their original formatting features.  Clients may consider use of PDF formatted resumes if there is concern over loss of resume format. But please note that Academy & Apothecary does not provide technical support on document formatting and cannot guarantee system compatibility or the successful transfer of formatting features.

PROPERTY RIGHTS: The client retains intellectual property ownership of all work produced and may reproduce and distribute copies as client sees fit. Academy & Apothecary reserves the right to use all work in its portfolio after removing identifying information of the client, such as contact, geographical and specific employment details.


You Can Access the Client Agreement HERE